The Colour Code Lowdown on our WHEELMUCK+

The Colour Code Lowdown on our WHEELMUCK+

The Colour Code Lowdown on our WHEELMUCK+ 

Wheels can get dirty relatively fast with a build up of brake dust. We have specifically created our NO EFFORT product, Wheelmuck+ that removes brake dust effortlessly (you're welcome).
The formula is fast acting and has been specially formulated at a viscosity to allow easy application and to enable it to be very cost effective.

Wheelmuck+ is also PH neutral which makes it safe to use on all wheels and painted surfaces. Wheelmuck+ is a little smelly, but rest assured that component is 100% biodegradable.

When using Wheelmuck+, you’ll see it undergoes a colour change from yellow to red as a reaction occurs to dislodge the brake dust iron contaminants, enabling it to be washed away with water. Knowing the colour change is important to the outcome of your wheels.

Our 5 stage colour changes that you should know: 

  1. Sprays on YELLOW, if no change then no brake dust contaminants, or possibly ceramic pad dust.
  2. Turns RED as reaction starts.
  3. Turns PURPLE when reaction well underway.
  4. Turns DARK PURPLE when reaction is almost complete. Rinse off just before next step.
  5. If it turns BROWN, reaction has started reversing. A quick spray on BROWN spots with WHEELMUCK+ before rinsing off will sort this.