Electrical Switches

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SWD09 - Combination Hi-Low beam switch with horn or kill button.
SWS10R - Rear brake stoplight switch - fits most Honda models
SWD14 - 5- way: three position (off/low/hi) switch, horn and kill button
SWH09 - Kill switch for YZ, TT, XT
SWH13T - Horn / Kill 400/0205 Red Button - Taiwanese
SWH19 - Headlight switch, copy of Yamaha WR style . This two wire rocker switch can also be used for a number of other applications, i.e. as a kill switch.
SWH224 - Kill switch - Rubber button. Push down type switch
SWH2305 - Kill switch - Kawasaki
SWH4321 - Kill switch - OE IC3-83976-00
SWH4322   - Kill switch - OE 5UM-83976-E1
SWH6325   - Tether "normally open" Pull-Off to connect to rider. A must for ATV racers, kids bikes, speedway sidecars ETC Not suitable for battery powered ignitionSWB4637 - Front brake stoplight switch - KL650 87-05, KLF300/400 Bayou 98-04, EX500 87-93, ER500 99-02 Ninja,vulcan, (Check Sprint3 for fitments)SWB4655 - Front brake stoplight switch - Suzuki GS 500,Intruder VS1400GLP, Katana 600, (Check Sprint3 for fitments)SWB4694 - Front brake stoplight switchfits - CBR600RR-03-10, CRB600RA 09-10,CBR1000RR 08-10; YZF-R6 10-12 R1,R^S (Check Sprint3 for fitments)SWS10 - Front brake stoplight switch - fits most Honda models
SWS11T - Rear brake stoplight switch - fits most Suzuki models
SWS13 - Stop switch 08838 Commando Type
SWH5319 - Kill Switch Yamaha