M-Plus 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

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  • NZ Made
  • 70%+ Alcohol content
  • Kills 99.99% of germs
  • 100ml with Spray atomiser, so will last as long as approx 500ml Gel
  • Made to standards of World Health Organisation
  • Use for surface sanitisation as well.
  • Contains moisturiser to help prevent drying out of surfaces
  • Non sticky



Simple, fast and effective, M-Plus Alcohol Hand Sanitisers helps protect against 99.99% of germs, with no need for soap or water.

The rinse free, non-sticky formula makes it a great hygiene solution for on the go.

M-Plus Alcohol Hand Sanitiser contains a moisturiser to help prevent the drying out effect that the Alcohol has on the skin. Cracks formed in the skin from drying out create areas for bacteria to hide, which is not ideal.

This sanitiser comes in a bottle with an atomiser, so is sprayed onto your hands or can also be used as a surface sanitiser. In this form it lasts much longer than Gel type sanitisers.

Motomuck have been manufacturing for the health industry since 2014 and this Alcohol 70% Hand and Surface Sanitiser is manufactured here, in NZ, to the standards of the World Health Organisation.


Some facts about Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers:

*Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers do not contain Triclosan.
*M-Plus Hand Sanitisers do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA) – Alcohol is the active ingredient.
*Hand Sanitisers do not cause Antibiotic Resistance.
*The Alcohol in Hand Sanitisers kills a wide range of germs and then evaporates leaving nothing behind on your skin for germs to become resistant to.
*All Hand Sanitisers are not the same,
*Alcohol-based and non-Alcohol based have different formulations.
*Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers do not cause Supergerms. Ethyl Alcohol, the active ingredient in M-Plus and other Alcohol-based Sanitisers destroys the cell membranes and is not left behind on the skin for germs to become resistant to.
*Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers kill illness-causing or Transient Germs (these are germs acquired by touching objects and can be transmitted in the body or by touching people/ objects).


Spray on hands and rub over palms, fingers and back of hands until dry.

Should be used in conjunction with normal hygiene hand care.

Can be used for surface sanitising as well, just spray on surface and wipe clear.

SDS document:
Click Here for PDF document: