Pump Spray Bottle by Klager Germany

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A german made quality Pump Spray Bottle perfect for making application of your favourite Motomuck product easier.

  • German made quality.
  • Adjustable cone nozzle.
  • Automatic pressure release valve.
  • Max. working pressure 44psi.
  • Total liquid capacity 0.9L.

Step one

  • Unscrew pump top and fill container with Motomuck product of choice.
  • Do not exceed max line.

Step Two

  • Firmly replace pump top.
  • Pump bottle 30 times till release valve becomes audible.
  • Adjust spray by twisting nozzle.

Step Three

Care Instructions
  • Do not use the sprayer to store chemical; it must be emptied and rinsed after each use.
  • The sprayer will last much longer if the pump’s O-ring is lubricated from time to tome.
  • To maximise the sprayer’s working life, always release the pressure after each use.
  • Do not expose the pressurised sprayer to direct sunlight or heat.