VESRAH VD-JL Series Disc Pads

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As used by 2002/2003 Suzuki Road Race Team and New Zealand’s top Enduro riders - Paul Whibley and Chris Birch. Vesrah Semi Metallic SM Disc Pads designed for the road bike market. Top quality Japanese made.   

We stock the full line of Vesrah High-Performance Sintered Metal pads. In most cases if you own a modern motorcycle we carry a pad for your application. 

Vesrah Sintered Metal Pads are made of copper, tin, graphite and other metallic elements which are far superior to the metal powder mixed into standard organic pads. Plus Vesrah sintered Metal Pads are completely compatible with stainless steel rotors.

Vesrah Sintered Metal pads are manufactured for all-weather applications and high temperature stability.